Wednesday, 4 October 2017

As TSTV Breaks DSTV Monopoly Jinx, What You Must Know About The First Pay TV In Nigeria

Telcom Satellite TV (TSTV) is coming with “Pay As-You-Consume” plan which every other operator said was not possible in Nigeria before now to challenge DSTV.

The “Pay-As-You-Consume” plan already lauded for its simplicity will allow subscribers of TSTV pay for only programmes watched.

TSTV’s entrance is a test of strength and will prove if DSTV which has served Nigerians for a very long period of time has been receptive to the yearnings of subscribers on Pay-As-You-Consume plan

TSTV has promised to show live English Premier League matches Live La Liga and Champions League matches which gave DSTV an edge in the market over the years.

TSTV is partnering Europe-based television station, ABS Global, to launch into the Nigerian Broadcasting Service a Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite TV from October 1, 2017, with a message centered on ‘Buy Naija and Grow the Naira’ and pay as you use (PAYU) subscription plan.

When fully launched, the pay TV satellite would cover all sub-Saharan African countries and would provide over 200 TV channels to their audience.

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Managing Director of TSTV, Bright Echefu, disclosed during the signing of the multi-transponder agreement with their ABS partner, that their services would offer viewers the experience of HD and SD video, internet services, broadband, TV and radio at a very affordable rate.

According to him, “what makes the project unique is that it would start with 100 channels of local, regional and international in Yoruba, Igbo Hausa, Ghanaian, Sierra Leonean, and Liberian Languages among others. It would also provide news, entertainment, and education content”.

Echefu explained that TSTV has the right content and premium product to satisfy the growing demand of Nigeria, adding that “It would assist ABS take Nollywood and Sport to great height. Their sport channels is the bomb! EPL, La liga and Champion League is amazing!”

Commenting on the technology, he said that the station is based on the HBB TV tech, which is a combination of satellite and internet service for TV service.

TSTv will run on 4.5g network every subscriber will get 20G of data for N3,000 monthly, the data can also be used for video calls conferences with camera and WIFI. The TSTV decoder will have 50GB hard disk to record TV programs and a pause/play function.

“With TSTV, you don’t need to pay subscription monthly or periodically. You pay as you consume.

“It is the first Nigerian TV to launch a Pay-as-you-use so you can pause your subscription whenever you are traveling. It is just N5000 for the decoder and dish and subscription prices ranges from N200, N500, N1000, N1500 and N3000 respectively”.

TStv Africa aims to cover the 36 States in Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), but will launch first in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Owerri and Kano.

TSTv shows Live Sports like Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Europa League and so much more. Some Sport Channels on TSTV Africa are be in Sport 1-10, Fox Sport HD, and Ts Sports.

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