Friday, 10 November 2017

HealthcareEntertainment industry is Set for a Major Boost With the Debut of Nigerian Student Health Professional Event

Through unique innovative entertainment tools, the healthcare landscape will be changed.

Owerri, Nigeria, 06November 2017: Tagged “Beauty ‘N’ Brain”, the Nigerian Student Health Professional Contest/Event will play host to the largest gathering of health-inclined entertainers, in a most elaborate and consciously planned event on January 5th, 2018 – it would be the most fun-filled, educating and prestigious health entertainment event in the region.

The event is organized, following a tripartite agreement between, MRI Medic Consulting Limited and QueenLiz Investment Ltd, which isto take place at the Art Nouveux Event Center, Owerri Imo State, Nigeria, will showcase the ‘rare’ social talents & gift, products and services of health/medically inclined student professionals and will provide some exceptional networking opportunities for visitors, buyers and exhibitors.

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It is on record that Nigeria is Africa’s biggest economy with a GDP of $565.8 billion and also has its largest population of over 180 million people, which is expected to double in 20 years. The country has many health challenges and to address these, the government is focusing on achieving universal health coverage and putting in place the necessary health structures. Colleges of Medicine are churning out hundreds of graduates every year, even though there is readily available place for gainful employment. Indeed a lot these graduates recognize these lapses in the society and are quickly leveraging on their enterpreneural and enterprising side to survive. This is where The Nigerian Student Health Professional plays an active part, by identifying gifted and talented medical and health students/graduates, and empowering them to be better enterpreneurs as well as being professionals.

Held alongside the Beauty N Brain contests will be carefully selected exhibition &free-to-attend masterclasses. In subsequent series we hope to scale to a much more elaborate package for participants.

According to the Founder of, Emeka Okolo H. (MBBS), “We provide a platform for young students professionals (with a special bias for health-medical students), who want exposure, but do not have great finance to do world class shows.
We reckon that this platform would lift many young enterprising health students in Nigeria out of adverse situations and build sustainable living for themselves & their families, through fashion and entertainment, yet retaining their core medical professionalism.

Nigerian Student Health Professional Event is not a free to attend event and is open to all and sundry who value healthy living and love a bit of fun.

Tickets are available online on 38seconds app...

For more information, please visit Contest Page

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