Tuesday, 14 November 2017

One Of Maheeda's Fan Confesses He Masturbate To Her Online Nude Pictures

In what one can easily described as the effect of social media nudity on teenagers and undisciplined men, a young man has confessed his addiction to masturbation attributing it to Nigerian nudist and singer Maheeda's incessant sharing of nude photos on social media.

Maheeda shared a text message sent by of one her fans confessing to masturbating to her numerous nude photos. According to the addicted fan, he started following her when he was much younger and use to masturbate to her nude photos...

He wrote:

'Good day ma. Are you human? Like seriously I have been following you when I was much younger and I use to masturbate to your pictures and now you still younger and more hotter...if this persists please grant me my secret fantasy.'
Maybe it is time to appeal to Maheeda and her likes to put a stop to display of nudity online as there are some young ones who might be negatively influenced into vices such as masturbation etc.

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