Thursday, 2 November 2017

Police Officer Cries For Help After Fatal Motor Accident

A police officer under the Asaba command of Delta state, inspector James Ani, has asked for assistance after a fatal car accident in which he was involved in travelling to Asaba from Agbor to continue his duty, with the intention of participating in the governor's primary election on December 6, 2014.

The accident that occurred at Ekwoma left Inspector Ani in a terrible state, as his left leg was divided into two of his thighs and there was a piercing around the ankle region of the same leg.
Speech at an Ika Weekly Newspaper Reporter at his stay in Agbor on Thursday, October 19, 2017, said Inspector Ani has been abandoned by both the Nigerian police force and the Delta State Government since the accident that occurred in 2014 for more than seventeen (17 years.)

In his words, "after the accident, a signal was generated at my office at Asaba. I was taken to the Kefas Hospital Umunede for treatment and later to the orthopedic home (traditional healers) also in the Umunede Delta State." Since then, I treated myself with my low salary, which is not enough to take care of my treatment. I almost lost my right leg, divided into two. I have been looking for help to get quality treatment. I'm still active: I have no form of well-being or assistance received from the Nigerian police force, even from the office where I work directly.

I need help, I owe the doctor a lot of money, and I have to go back to restore my leg in a normal condition. It's not easy to take care of my low salary and I can not afford it anymore.

According to him, he has not been alarmed since 2015, having hoped that the police force will come to an end, the port informed them of the condition he found and adds that he can no longer die in silence .

"Since 2015, I got out of hospital, I'm home, and always going for treatment from home, and now they can not handle me anymore. I appeal to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and other eligible Nigerians to help me either by cash for my treatment, or by bringing me to a hospital where I can be treated. Everything that matters to me now is that my leg is getting normal. "

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