Wednesday, 1 November 2017

See Girl born without Anus Who's Set To Undergo Surgery

Displayed above is the physical appearance of lawal favour, daughter to an iron bender by name Abraham lawal. It's a  picture going viral at the moment, showing  the mechanism poor little favour uses in excreting. It's was reported  that she was given birth  to without anus...

The poor girl has always been taken cared of by her 7year old brother, owing to the fact that they lost their mother, and the father Abraham lawal is not really available  to meet up proper responsibilities,  due to the kind of work he does for a living.

According to viable report, the brother has been deprived of his education, because little favour who is just 4years old cannot be left all alone, as a result of her frequent stooling.

Little favour is on the verge of undergoing surgery that should enable her get a proper excreting organ. A little word of prayer on the comment box can do great miracle..

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