Wednesday, 1 November 2017

SHOCKING!!!..Australian woman met Two pythons Fighting In Her Bathroom (photos)

It a terrific picture to come across you would say, having to see two pythons fighting in a bathroom,Trust me its always a scene that brings shock.
An Australian Mother to Petrina Murphy, was an eye witness to the hellish scene, just after the reptiles came crashing through the skylight at her home in Byfield, Queensland, Australia.

The PR worker said: "I saw them tangled around each other through the skylight so I got the broom and used the handle to get them to fall out into the shower.

"They had really wrapped themselves around each other and their tails were all knotted up.
Some people who've seen the pictures have asked if they're mating but they're definitely two males fighting.

Even though they were fighting, I knew they weren't going to attack me......

"They were more focused on each other and pythons are actually usually pretty docile unless you annoy them."

She went on to give her comment: "After they fell through, I closed all the doors so they were just sliding around in the bathroom and then I used the broom to sweep them outside.

"They didn't seem that bothered when I was sweeping them out. One took off pretty quickly but the other one kept trying to head in the direction of the bins so I was talking to it. I must sound mad.

"I know a lot of people would have made a run for it just at the sight of them.but obviously i didn't because i didn't seem scared seeing them.

"For people with  phobia it would be like something out of a nightmare but I've never been particularly scared of snakes and we're pretty used to them out here."

Petrina also added: "I would much rather get rid of them myself and know they're gone than have to deal with worrying about them finding their own way into the house.

"I'm just glad the shower was clean so I was able to get some photos and video without it being embarrassing."

Petrina said the snakes have been what she has always noticed around on their roof throughout Australia's winter months, with the mum and her son Callum, she regularly hears them move around. And she added by saying, she has most times during house chores clean off their Urine.

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