Saturday, 25 November 2017

WIN A N1,000,000 with the Primazoids

Gist in town is that Lagos is being invaded by Primazoids. They have been described as creatures

wearing blue helmets with 5 gold stars. They appear to be here for good.

Registering on their website qualifies you for a chance to WIN N1,000,000

with tickets to an exclusive events on Sunday 26 th November.

Have you seen them? Did you know taking a selfie with them could get you N10,000 that extra cash

you need to enjoy the awesome Black Friday Deals

Just follow this simple steps:

1. Follow @primazoids

2. Take a selfie with a primazoid invading Lagos

3. Share on Instagram or Twitter using #primazoidinvasion

4. Tag @primazoids and 5 friends.

Join the conversation on social media with #primazoidinvasion.

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