Thursday, 14 December 2017

Bobrisky: "I Never Owe Jacob, Mc Galaxy I Can Never Forgive You Till I Die"

Nigerian internet personality and cross dresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, speaks on MC Galaxy and Gate-man Drama

He wrote:
I wouldn't have address dis but because I have some sweet fans who loved me and dey ask for explanation..... I don't owe anybody explanation but because am humble and forever be humble I will address dis. I met Jacob two years ago on d street working under hot sun. I gave d poor boy a lift in my car to drop him where he was going..... then while in d car with me I asked him where he was going. He replied oga am going to my brother place that he lives with his brother in d estate at lekki. He said he has no work yet that his brother also work as a gateman too in d estate.

When he was coming down from my car I gave him 5k. Then d following day he came to knock my gate that since I have no gateman that he want to work for me. Luckily I was looking for gateman too. So I employed him. If u are on my Snapchat u will see jacob room. I bought him fan, tv � and a mattress. I pay him 25k Monthly and still feed morning,afternoon and night. D day he told me his mum is late I was like don't worry u are cover. Anything I eat that is wat jacob eat... fast food � or homemade food we eat same. U all are saying y am owing jacob 6 month?

I never owe jacob one month salary not to talk of 2 month. I'm not selfish I play with him a lot and joke with a lot on snap. That was how jacob became little famous on snap and ig.u have been working with for 2 years I did owe him. Is now 6 month. lol I know how much I spend on hair every week. Am paying 14 people school fees 6 people in primary school and 8 people in secondary school. I don't have to put in on social media. Have even helped a lot on my dm here. I may not help everyone here but d one my hand can reach I do help. How will I owe jacob 6month salary and he will bring somebody to work for me till he arrive back from his dad.

When jacob told me his father is dad is sick � I gave him 100k and 15k extra to give his dad wen he get to his village. I was shocked wen I saw d viral video of jacob saying am owning him 6 month. Mc galaxy I can never forgive u till I die. I pray God will expose u asap. People don't know u lol soon dey will know u are d father of fake life. I love ❤️ Jacob with my heart �and am missing him badly.

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