Saturday, 30 December 2017

UK Based Doctor Reveals- "3 Minutes Is Enough For Sex, You Don't Need Drugs At All"

A UK-based Nigerian medical doctor, Olufunmilayo, has assured men who come within 3-5 minutes of sexual intercourse that nothing is wrong with them as many would want to believe.
Answering an inquiry from a friend who lasts just 3 minutes during s3x and uses drugs to stay longer before eja.culating during s3x, the young doctor said a person should only be concerned if he barely lasts a minute.

How Many Minutes Do You Think Is Okay For A Man To Stay Before Eja.culating During S3x?

@DrOlufunmilayo Asking for a friend. what's the best drug (affordable) to perform well during sexual intercourse for a 23 years old Boy. He only last 3 minutes and wife is complaining

He doesn’t need any drugs at all.
3 minutes is actually enough time for sexual intercourse.
If it was less than a minute, I may worry.

No one should feel less than a man because they release in 3-5mins.
Please remember, you are trying to make love, not drilling for crude oil

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Do You Agree To 3minute sex routine?

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