Tuesday, 16 January 2018

CEO Of #IdemsUltimate Limited Dr. Unyime Idem, Gets 20 Cakes In 90minutes For His Birthday

Within 90 minutes of the football match between Arsenal FC and Bournemouth FC, Dr. Unyime Idem, an Arsenal fan, CEO of #IdemsUltimate Limited (Telecom Service Provider), Licensed Management Consultant, Entrepreneurial Guru, Banker, Chartered Manager, Indigenous Investor, Social Worker, Philanthropist and Motivational Speaker, received over 20 birthday cakes from well-wishers.

Dr. Unyime, a man of integrity with proven track record in business and leadership, whose birthday was yesterday, was joined by family, friends and business partners from Glo, Zenith Bank, Stanford Micro-finance bank, 9mobile, Idems Ultimate, Airtel and access bank in his home in Uyo - the Akwa Ibom state capital, to celebrate another 365 days of great success.

Meanwhile, when we left his premises, we met 8 more cakes coming from different sources.

We can rightly assume he got up to 40 birthday cakes! This goes a long way to show how much he has grown in influence and how much the society values him!

What manner of love for one humble man, who rose from grass to grace? Will he finish all these cakes in one day?

Happy Birthday Dr. Unyime Idem.

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