Monday, 1 January 2018

"Muslims Attacked My Church During Crossover Night And Raped Girls "- Pastor

A pastor has claimed on social media that some Muslim men attacked his church as well as others during the cross- over service this morning.
Details are quite sketchy right now. . But the pastor identified as Ibitoye Reuben Idowu listed about 4 churches that were victims of the attack.
He listed them as; “St Joseph Catholic Cathedral , Methodist Cathedral, CAC, and UMCA Hausa Churches.” He shared pictures taken this morning from the scene of the attack and wrote;

“Muslims attacked our churches during cross over this morning , many are injured, church auditoriums , and cars were destroyed, while many innocent girls were raped. The churches include : St Joseph Catholic Cathedral, Methodist Cathedral , CAC , and UMCA Hausa Churches. ”

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