Monday, 26 February 2018

10 Qualities A Guy Must Have To Impress A Lady

Girls are the type of beings who are really difficult to impress but once they are impressed then they will shower you with all the love they have. Every girl has her own criteria which a guy needs to fulfill in order to be with her. It is not always expensive gifts, flattering words or big cars but one should have some basic qualities within to impress a girl. What a girl wants is really difficult to understand but boys don’t worry here I list 10 common qualities that a boy should have in order to impress a girl.

1. Be Courteous

Good manners are always welcomed everywhere, and a woman is very particular as too much courteous her guy is. A girl will always expect from a guy that he treats her like a princess and if not gives, at least, the due respect she has. If you are courteous with her and not with others around then again she won’t like it.

2. Dress up with some sense

If she applies efforts to dress herself up perfectly to go with you then- Dear, she expects the same from you too. You should look presentable in front of her; because when you dress up well and you look just perfect then give her a chance to boost you off in front of her mates.

3. Don’t be a money grubber

4. Lend your ears to her

Most of the girls speak a lot, and when they speak a lot, they need someone to listen them. Don’t be dominating and be the person who just declares but instead, listen to her, analyze the matter and then in a sweet way make her understand. Beware if you don’t respond to her properly she might find you rude and think that you have no interest in her.

5. Be fit and fine

If you are a healthy person then feel confident and automatically you become a person who can impress anyone. Your girl will be very proud of you if you don’t have a hanging tummy. Physical charm is a key factor of an attractive guy.

6. Be a man of honor

Become a man of your words, whatever you say ensure that you even do it just simply saying to flatter would not do at all. Be a polished man and treat her in a good manner, care for her and pamper her. She will be really happy to see you as a gentleman of her dreams.

7. Be a person with ease

You should always have a calm mind girls don’t like men who get angry and irritated due to small things. Even if you feel something extremely bad don’t burst on her and wait for the right time then very calmly make her understand. If you are a moody person then she might not turn to you to share her feeling with you

8. Be an upfront person

Whatever you feel and whatever you think you should tell her straight. Be fair and square. Even you have some views and opinions you should always share with her. If there is true love between you, then she will accept the way you are.

9. Be dutiful

You have your part of responsibilities which you need to fulfill; if you are running away from these then probably you don’t want to be in a relationship. You should maintain a balance between your professional and personal life.

10. Discuss and express

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