Saturday, 3 February 2018

Iran To Build Universities In Nigeria

Iran has expressed readiness to establish universities in Nigeria to meet the demands of students seeking higher education in that country.

Iranian Ambassador to Nigeria, Morteza Rahimi Zarchi said through signing of new deal, the country would be able to open some branches of Iranian universities in Nigeria.
The envoy stated this Thursday while speaking to newsmen in Abuja on the occasion of the 39th anniversary of Islamic Revolution victory in Iran.

“Iranian universities have advanced both qualitatively and quantitatively, and the cost is competitive. These are some of the reasons Iran is targeted by some Nigerians seeking higher education.
“We are very hopeful and confident that through signing of new agreement in the field of developing scientific and educational activities, we are going to expand our cooperation in this field to Nigeria very soon.
“In that aspect, we will be able to meet with the demands of Nigerian graduates who are seeking advanced level of education in Iran. If we succeed in signing the agreement, we will be able to open and inaugurate some branches of Iranian universities in Nigeria either in Abuja or other states,” he said.
Zarchi also said Iran is ready to expand bilateral relations with Nigeria in the areas in the areas of oil and gas, construction and housing, saying that negotiations are ongoing in that regard.
“Iran has got plans to expand cooperation with Nigeria. Very recently, there were numerous meeting headed by the Vice President of Iran to expand cooperation with Africa, particularly Nigeria, the biggest economy in the continent. A number of decisions had been taken and this will soon translate from rhetoric to action,” the envoy said.
He said the embassy is making efforts to bring more Iranian companies to participate in the coming international trade fair in Kaduna.
He said the 6th Nigeria-Iran joint commission would soon hold in Tehran and that Iran is hopeful that negotiations would be finalised and good decision made.
Speaking on the country’s development since the 1979 revolution, the envoy said Iran has made gains in many areas, including political independence, security, economy, medicine and education.
He said Iran is ever committed to combating terrorism and violent extremism, noting that the country is ready to cooperate with others to rid the world of terrorist groups.

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