Friday, 23 February 2018

Reno Omokri Reveals What 'll Happen To Youths Who Buy Designer Clothes Before Designing Their House

Motivational speaker, writer, lawyer anf former presidential spokeman, Reno Omokiri who is known for dishing out uncensored advice online, which many find offensive and against social norms, has again shared his thought on youths who are addicted to buying designer clothes.

Reno took to his Twitter to admonish some acts he considers irresponsible. According to him, anyone who spends their money on designers without having a house yet is projecting their way to poverty.

Reno in his post considers designers as things that don’t have value and aren’t sustainable while building a house is much more profitable and has value that can last for a life time.

According to him it is time wasting for one to build their resources on things that aren’t profitable and doing it means the person is building their life around poverty.

He wrote: “If you buy designer clothes before you have designed and built your own house, what you are doing in essence is designing your own poverty. Designer clothes have very little second hand value, but a house has first, second, third, fourth and even fifth hand value #RenosNuggets”

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