Tuesday, 6 February 2018

TIDA Team Visit Lagos Commissioner For Tourism As Conference Holds Feb. 15

The TIDA Secretariat and its partners spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon with the Honourable Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mr Steve Ayorinde.

We were there to brief him on at length about what we’re planning to do and achieve with the conference, come February 15.

“It’ll be our pleasure not only to be there on that day but to also support in whichever way that we can,” he said during his welcome remarks, taking the time to spell out the government’s immediate, medium and long-terms plans for the creative sector and with him as the new helmsman. “TIDA pretty much aligns with what we [Lagos State Government] are trying to do.”

In summary: there is a annual tourism calendar in the works (to be out this quarter) as well as a tourism summit (sometime in April) and a tourism master-plan (later in the second quarter).

The goal is to retain the reputation of Lagos as a business hotspot but also gradually position the state as a tourist magnet.

Ayorinde: “We applaud the fact that Lagos is one of the top three most visited cites in Africa for business. But mind you when business people come, they must also be aware of where to go and what to do which leads us to part of what we plan to do this year, which is to create a calendar which details events and activities every quarter.”

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You may register to sttend the TIDA Conference here:

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