Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Female Teacher, 53, Sleeps With Student, 15

A teacher, Deborah Lowe, 53, has been arrested by police after she was accused of sleeping with her 15-year-old student.

Reports say that the suspect was picked up for sending the boy a card containing incriminating messages which the boy’s mother accidentally found and turned over to the police.

The boy, whose identity has been protected because of his age, was said to have slept with the suspect in her home.

However, he reportedly told his friends about the incident after which he blocked her on social media.
But the youngster, then aged 15, said he was later ‘creeped out’ after having sex with Deborah Lowe, 35 years his senior, and a teacher at his high school, Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester heard.

He said the pair began a sexual relationship after ‘flirting’ at school then swapping phone numbers and engaging in phone sex.

He claimed they had rough sex at her flat and liaisons in her car and caravan, when Lowe liked to be called a ‘slut’ in the bedroom.

The youngster later told police: ‘I was 15 at the time but obviously, it’s like every lad’s fantasy isn’t it, to have sex with a teacher?’

He told officers: ‘She likes to think of herself as a slut. She likes me calling her that. Especially in the bedroom with her.’

Lowe, in charge of pastoral care at the high school, told police sex did take place between them, but the boy was then 17 and had left school.

According to prosecutors, Lowe then sent the boy a card which depicted a woman burying her face in the grass while wearing a short skirt which displayed her underwent.

Attached to the card was a note saying: “This is me after I found out you blocked me!
“I’m a mess. You blocked me and I don’t know what I have done. Who else can I be a slut with? ‘I would never, ever upset, hurt, harm or make you unhappy. So please tell me what I have done. Is it my fat old arse? It’s my birthday and I’m so sad.”

She reportedly signed the card with “I bloody miss you, love the slut.”

Lowe was arrested on two counts of sex with a minor and five counts of sexual activity with a child by a person in position of trust.

Her defence counsel denied all counts.

The suspect, who was in charge of giving pastoral care at the boy’s school, admitted having sexual relationship with him.

But she denied that the sexual relationship started at 15 years as claimed by the boy and the prosecutors, noting that they first had sex when the boy was 17 years.

She equally claimed that she was not in a position of care as she had left the school when the relationship started.

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