Saturday, 12 May 2018

JUST IN: North Korea to hold ‘ceremony’ for dismantling nuclear test sites

North Korea has scheduled May 23-25 for a major ceremony to dismantle its northern nuclear test sites, its foreign ministry announced Saturday.

South Korean newswire, Yonhap, quoted a statement from the North’s ministry of foreign affairs as confirming that the country would take “technical measures” to dismantle its Pyunggye-ri nuclear test facility.

Journalists from South Korea, China, Russia, the United States and Britain will be invited to cover the dismantling on-site to “ensure transparency of discontinuance of the nuclear test.”

The announcement comes as the country prepares to hold talks with the United States and South Korea as part of an ongoing efforts to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons.

U.S. President Donald Trump announced Friday that the historic summit will hold in Singapore.

Mr Jong-un had indicated last month during a summit with South Korea that North will dismantle the Pyunggye-ri site on its northern corridor.

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