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Queen Moremi Ajasoro & NAPTIP Presents War Against Child Molestation

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Ooni of Ile-­‐Ife and House of Oduduwa recently crowned Queen Moremi Ajasoro, Queen Iyimide Shola- Shittu in collaboration with the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), The Office of Public Defender, Lagos State (OPD),

Jautos, Oshodi Local Government, Ajoke House, Yomi Otunbela Foundation, Make Me Elegant and MC Olumo will embark on a walk against Child Molestation and Abuse- “War

Against Child Molestation and Abuse”.

This year walk is slated to kick off on the 28th of May, 2018 at the NAPTIP, Lagos State Command located at 165 Oba Ladejobi Street G.R.A Ikeja, Lagos and a forum will be held

with selected speakers and survivors at Oshodi Local Government Hall, Oshodi, Lagos.

Queen Iyimide Shola-Shittu foresees the walk as an avenue to sensitize the good citizens of Nigeria about on the various types of abuses and molestation, creating awareness

on the prohibition of young children in person and to drive the vision of a better Nigeria through less violence on children.

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Although, sexual violence is said to be the common occurrence of molestation and abuse in the world, in some countries one in five child report sexual violence and assault.

This walk is an exercise to educate sexually abused or molested children how they can also be survivors through real life scenarios from the survivors, the various range of acts including sexual harassment, rape by strangers, organized rape, rape of children, trafficking of women and

girls, female genital mutilation, and forced exposure to pornography.

In a recent conversation,Queen Iyimide Shola-Shittu addressed how passionate and excited she was about the walk and the endless support she is receiving from The Ooni of Ife, Queen Iyimide Foundation, J’autous, Oshodi Local Government,NAPTIP, OPD, Make Me Elegant, Ajoke House, Otunba Yomi Otunbela, Mc Olumo, Individuals, Volunteers, Speakers and survivors towards the success of the program.

Are you a victim of Child Molestation and Abuse or you know someone who is? Come lets us learn, u‐learn, and re‐learn because we all deserve to be safe. Let us end domestic violence and join in the fight. Follow on all social platforms: Official Handle: @QMAinternational, @Queeniyimidefoundation, @iyimidesholashittu

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