Monday, 30 July 2018

Accept hardship as price for building a new Nigeria – Aregbesola

Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, at the weekend, called on Nigerians to keep faith with Pres Buhari, noting that his administration is determined to make life better and meaningful for all despite the prevailing hard times.

Guardian quoted him as saying,

“For whoever that has grievances with the present Federal Government, I want you to know that it is not always easy to correct an already damaged situation.

It is obvious that there are challenges and pains, but I want us to see it as the challenge of building a new Nigeria. We should accept the hardships we are facing now as the price to pay for building a new Nigeria of our dreams.

That country where everything will work the way it ought to is what our president is working hard to achieve. We shall get there and we shall all be better for it.

We cannot give up on Nigeria at this time, we are almost there, let’s have faith in our president; we can do it and I know it is possible. Nigeria is redeemable and the process has already started with the present administration.”

The governor said the rot inherited from the past administration could not be hurriedly fixed in one or two years, explaining that the nation would have experienced serious doom if the present administration had not berthed when it did.

He described Buhari as a partner in progress and a pillar of strength and support to many states that could not finance themselves, citing the various forms of assistance given to them in the form of bailouts, the Paris Club refund and others, which helped them to find their feet.

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