Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Newly Married Man On Honeymood Dies After Colliding With Wife On A Zipline (Photos)

A fatal accident has led to the death of a newly married man who collided with wife while on honeymoon.

Shif Fanken, 27, is taken to hospital after she collided with her 24-year-old husband Egael Tishman while on a zipline in Honduras

A newlywed man has been killed and his bride was left in a serious condition in hospital after they collided on a zipline while on their honeymoon.

Egael Tishman, a 24-year-old Israeli, and his wife Shif Fanken, 27, got into the accident around 1.30pm on Thursday in Honduras, local media reports.

The pair had boarded Royal Caribbean cruise ship Allure of the Seas in the US after their wedding on Saturday before arriving on the island of Roatán five days later.

Firefighters said the pair decided to take part in a zipline experience, with Royal Caribbean's website advertising an Extreme Caribe Zip Line Tour on the island.

Shif was sent down the zipline first but became stuck around halfway down, rescue workers said. Her husband then came down afterward and smashed into her.

Both of the newlyweds survived the initial crush but sustained serious injuries including fractured ribs, according to the Washington Post.

Firefighters said the husband complained he was struggling to breathe in the ambulance and was given oxygen.

The following morning, rescue workers were informed that he had died. It is not clear how he perished, but reports indicate it could have been from a brain aneurysm.

On Friday morning Shif was transported by air ambulance to America, where she underwent surgery and is now in a stable condition.

The Honduran tourism board has denied the accident was the fault of zipline staff and said it was down to 'incorrect operation' by the couple.

All proper safety procedures were followed by staff, the Honduran Institute of Tourism said.

An investigation is now underway to determine exactly how the accident happened.

The Israeli consulate in Guatemala is providing assistance to fly Egael's body home for burial in his home country.

- Culled from Dailymail


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