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''POLITICAL COLLATERAL – PART 1'': Mathias Tsado ADP Presidential Aspirant.

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One thing is clear to all of us, politics as it is today only cares about power and the holders. The people on the streets are nothing but political collateral, they use you to bargain and dump you once power is secured.

The people are only useful during the negotiations, they count the people as votes and elections materials every 4years, once the deals are sealed and the proceeds are shared they move on and begin to plot the next scheme, the people are left with the various social challenges to complain about for another four years.

The most lucrative business in Nigeria now is the political business and a lot of people have moved into that sector with expectations to hit or make it big in life.
Like yahoo-yahoo and illegal drug dealers, many on the political street today are here to make ends meet and acquire that luxurious life of drug barons they see in the movies.

They know nothing about the moral burden of leadership, they do not understand that occupying leadership positions comes with responsibilities – to them, it’s only about power and the control of resources.

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We as a people deserve better and should demand for better performance from people in leadership. We must understand that the nation owes you the basic things from security, to welfare and even the opportunity to thrive.

Nigeria today is a country with the highest number of refugees in and out of the country, the streets of Napoli, Rome, Torino and Milano are all littered by our sisters in search for survival, the hospitals in the U.K. U.S. and Canada are buzzing with black faces majority of them from Nigeria, farm plantations in Europe to factories all across the globe, our people are scattered around, because man must survive.

We have allowed the nation’s best assets to evaporate from the country, they are building other countries around the world! While our nation lies in desolation, our political elites travel to these areas to enjoy functional facilities, they watch in amazement how machines are being used for almost everything yet, nothing speaks to their conscience, they come back to tell us to be patient or they throw the usual tantrums of previous this and previous that.

Many of our people live in slavery across the world, many are being used as drug mules, some are being exploited as maids, some are in sugar plantations with no salaries, while millions are on our streets today hoping and praying for their opportunity to travel out – willing to risk their lives on the open seas or through bush paths just to escape this country.

I’m aware of farms in other parts of the world that are hoping to have migrants come and offer them cheap labour, in order to exploit them and continue to brag about big economic GDPs and how their people have best living conditions.

The political elites have continued to delay our process as a nation, they have continued to drag us back and are chasing our best brains out of our shores.
The country’s potentials have remained untapped, our people’s energies and minds remained locked in, the nation’s small businesses are struggling while big multinationals continue to export our wealth, some industries in China, korea and Japan are thriving because of the huge Nigerian market, our jobs are being exported, yet the only thing that the politicians are concerned about is power sharing deals.

Our economic policies are only effective to the extent that it touches the man on the street, when it creates opportunity for law abiding citizens who have what it takes.
A government should ensure that lives are secured tightly, and that they have the opportunity to thrive and compete with other citizens of the world.
Good healthcare systems, education, infrastructure and sanctity of lives – these are the things government should exist for, not just power and display of affluence as it’s currently being done by our political class.

We must begin to demand for the right things from those who offer to serve us.
Nigeria is not governed by kings who we worship but by democratic leaders who we entrust our rights to ensure that we all leave under a constitution.
Citizens must demand for their benefits as members of this estate.

Nigerians and other Africans were being traded along side other commodities in the open market in the western world many years ago but other African countries have long started moving, Nigeria does not have any excuse.

God bless the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Mathias Tsado
ADP Presidential Aspirant.

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