Saturday, 25 August 2018

Naked man runs out to tackle teen trying to steal his Range Rover

A 29-year-old man, Stephen Cullen, has branded himself the ‘naked ninja’ after he tackled a teenager to the ground while trying to steal his Range Rover – while he was completely naked.

The Sun reports that the incident happened late on Tuesday night while Cullen and his girlfriend Nicola Baldwin, 33, were watching TV at home in Newcastle. They heard the vehicle’s alarm go off around 11.30pm.

Not wasting a second to put on any clothes, Cullen darted downstairs and ran outside to find the would-be thief.

Astounding CCTV footage shows him grab hold of the teenager – while still completely nude – and tackle him to the ground.

Cullen told The Sun: ‘That car is my pride and joy, there’s no way that anyone was stealing it.’ Police later caught up with the suspect, who turned out to be drunk, but the couple decided not to press charges.

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