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Al Jamiatul Ashrafia College, Sokoto Students’ Association (AJACSSA) President, Alhassan Alolo Yussuf Bawa, said this while addressing participants at the 30th National Qur’an Recitation Competition in Sokoto State.

The Christian Association of Nigeria had backed the United States report, saying Christians are being persecuted in the country but Sultan insists nothing of such exists, stressing that not all Fulani herdsmen are Muslims and they were not after the Christians as insinuated by CAN.

He said, “And I want to assure you that no Muslim would be provoked into taking up arms against anybody based on what you have been seeing in the media particularly of recent.

"These are issues we need to tackle; these are issues the various governments at all levels need to tackle by sitting down and talking to one another because making public comments don’t normally help.

“They aggravate situations. And I want to assure all, everything is right with us. The Muslims in Nigeria are very good people. We will continue to do the best. But among all good people, there are also bad people and we know there are bad people among all societies."

“What makes the difference before God, what endears you to God and what makes you acceptable to God, is the degree of your goodness that has benefitted mankind,” he said. BAWA then charged faith leaders and their followers to apply the teachings of the Holy Books to the benefit of mankind in the cause of lasting peace.

He Concluded that any group which desires peace is doing the right thing. “If we must build a new Nigeria, if we must build a great Nigeria, then all of us together must do everything it takes to build peace. Peace is necessary, peace is possible. But as we build peace we must remember these five key things: love, integrity, equity, truth and justice. They are very simple things we all know, but these are the things we must consciously do every day.”

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