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Popular Tanzanian rapper Mwana FA has tested positive for Coronavirus, as the pandemic continues to spread across Africa.

Mwana FA announced the outcome of his medical test to his 3.3 million followers on Instagram. He wrote;

The responses to my Covid 19 tests have returned positive. It’s annoying. It’s NOT a mission at all. I’m 100% okay. And I have separated myself when I returned to avoid affecting others. And luckily even my kids haven’t seen me at all. They are not home.

I just ask that we take precautions to the best of our ability to avoid getting caught and even if we are caught with them it is not a problem at all, the virus goes away on its own after only a couple of days.

So yeah, we are one of the countries that have been plagued by some of the biggest diseases in our growth, these ‘flu’ and not something to scare us. IT WILL BE ONLY. May we have peace in our hearts.

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The rapper made the announcement just after the Tanzanian government confirmed two new cases of Coronavirus in the country on Thursday March 19.

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