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Actor, Ibrahim Chatta, reveals why he considers himself a consummate professional when it comes to acting and what he never allows while acting as an herbalist.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop the prolific actor opened up about acting gay roles or allowing his head to touch the ground in the name of ifa, while acting.

He said; “This is sensitive but it is the truth. I don’t like playing gay roles. I cannot be touched by another man. I act roles of an herbalist but I cannot act the role of using my head to touch the ground in the name of ifa; not even for money. No amount of money will make me bow to any small god. I can only bow to Allah.”

The actor who just welcomed a baby girl also noted that though he would have loved to, he wasn’t in the labor room with his wife. He said, “She was delivered of the baby at a hospital in Ibadan and I was on set in Ajah, Lagos. I just went home the day after and right now, I am back on set.

“To conceive and to be delivered of a baby is in the hands of God. The woman doesn’t know the month or day she would be due. It was not the day my wife was due to give birth that she had the baby. For my first child, Malik, I got a private ward and private theater in order to see the baby being delivered.

“My wife understands the husband she married and this is something we have discussed even before we got married. With my kind of job, the show must go on, even if one is dying. The only time one cannot continue with my kind of job is when one is dead.”

The actor also insisted that when it comes to having children, he doesn’t consider one gender to be above the other. He added, “There is no gender that is not good. In Islam, the female child is very sensitive to take care of. I am a Muslim and it is believed that we are the elders and we will be questioned about our wards on the Day of Judgment. It is very delicate to care for a female child and they are held in very high esteem in Islam. We must take care of every child, regardless of the gender. I love my female child and I don’t show preference. Every child is a gift from God.” He added.

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