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Prince David Osei, Ghanaian actor, also known as a lover boy in several movies, has been slammed for reportedly asking females on social media to send him their nude pictures. Some leaked chats from the conversation David Osei had with some ladies have been gathered as evidence.

Although the ladies identities are yet to be revealed , one of the leaked chats indicated a request by him for a nude photo from a lady.

However, the 34 year old actor has denied these accusations by claiming he was in Dubai at the time of the conversation with her.

See leaked chats

Last year, Prince David Osei has shared a funny and embarrassing moment he encountered on set. According to the actor, he refused to kiss an actress while on set because she had a very bad mouth odor. The handsome actor revealed that the lady’s mouth smelled like a manhole and refused to kiss her. He added that he prompted the director and told him that he had a bleeding gum and cannot kiss the lady.

“We are all doing creative work so you can’t have a bad mouth and body odor and come closer to me. It’s my health so I won’t do it, I will prompt the director and tell him I have a bleeding gum. I did it to some girl on set

Her mouth was smelling so bad like manhole and told the director that I won’t kiss her. It was smelling so bad. I got close to her during the rehearsal and her breath alone was so bad so I decided not to kiss her”, Prince David Osei revealed.

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