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Veteran actress, Genevieve Nnaji is in the news again as reports of what actually went down in one of her alleged relationship that almost led into a legal union before last minute separation is being detailed online.

The Nollywood Diva who has not officially announced her union to any man has been in the news for several ‘expectant marriage’ over the years. Recall that in 2016, the actress was rumored to be in love and set to marry 29-year-old film maker Alhaji Ishaya Bako.
Genevieve and Alhaji Ishaya Bako

Also, in 2017 the actress was rumored to have tied the knot with a white man in Portugal, she also sparked further speculations when she shared an adorable photo with a white man (without caption) on Instagram on September 20, 2017, during the same period when her marriage rumors was a topic in Nigeria.

After then nothing was heard about the reported union with the white man. But years later, she was rumoured to be in another intimate relationship with singer Lynxx.

Genevieve and Lynx

A lot of celebrities anticipated for her union with Lynx. Her colleague, actor Charles Okocha said he was prepared to be the best man if the couple were to get married. And just like other rumored relationships, nothing was heard about the duo after sometime.

One of the most prominent myth about Genevieve’s reported marriage stories is the one that reportedly crashed on the altar few years ago. The identity of the man was concealed, but recent reports being circulated on social media unveiled the identity of the man allegedly involved, how it ended and why the he took the drastic decision.

According to Gist Merchant, one of the multiple sources who revealed the name of the man that allegedly failed Genevieve Nnaji on the Altar, the man has remained single after their split and he is popularly known as Ugochukwu Udezue, a wealthy former basketball agent for NBA.

Narrating the event that surrounds the failed wedding, the blogger wrote:

“A lot of people heard when Genevieve was rumoured to be getting married but not a lot of people know that she was ghosted at the altar. Here is the gist.

“Genevieve was dating a Nigerian sports agent turned businessman named Ugo Udezue. Ugo used to be an agent for several NBA players until he went back to Naija to form the African Basketball League in the spring of 2017 and did pretty well for himself.

“Initially he was only ‘hooking’ up with Gene when he visited Nigeria cos he was seriously dating about two other people including a real housewives of Atlanta star. When things didn’t work out well with either of them, he got “back together” with Gene and they got engaged.

“The problem is he is from a big enough family and his dad didn’t quite like Gene because he found her to be “selfish” and told Ugo that “this is not a woman who would put you before herself.” Ugo knew he wouldn’t marry Gene without his father’s blessing but he never shared his reluctancy with her and instead continued ‘fake’ planning a quiet wedding with her.

“Gene flew to Italy for their quiet wedding with tight circle friends and fam only to be embarrassed to find out Ugo was still in Lagos chilling. He devastated her. Wonder if she has recovered from that. As for Ugo, he is still using his dad as excuse not to marry till date”.

The man accused of breaking the Nollywood Diva’s heart, Ugo Udezue Udezue played for the Nigerian junior national team in 1996, traveled to America that same year on scholarship to go to school and play basketball at Riverdale Baptist School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. The 6-foot-9 center landed a basketball scholarship to the University of Wyoming.

The former Wyoming basketball player became NBA agent for one of the most respected agencies, BDA Sports, but gave up his job as an NBA agent to form the African basketball league.

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