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As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the globe, causing panic and death, a lady identified as
beautiful_jasminemarie on IG took to the photo-sharing platform to share the news of her recovery from the deadly pandemic.

Beautiful_jasminemarie, who is heavily pregnant, a health practitioner and a COVID-19 front line worker said she is so glad that she survived the dreaded disease, while appreciating those who supported her financially.

Read her words below:

Hey Everyone I’m BACK and after almost a month I have finally recovered from Covid-19. I’m not completely back to being myself but I am thankful to be where I am today verses where I was back in March. I’m still very much so in shock that I contracted Covid-19. To read and see so many people fighting for their lives at home, in facilities, and hospitals with this virus makes me know I am blessed. Many have died but many have also recovered so I’m grateful to be one. God spared my life and now I have a story to tell. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me, prayed for me, sent me kind words, and donated to my GoFundMe during my time of need.

I am in tears because you all have truly blessed me and my family. With the many blessings you all have bestowed upon me, I am now in a position to take care of me and my family. My OBGYN has ordered that I take a medical leave of absence because I contracted the virus so I should be able to rest without the financial stresses over the next month until I deliver and well throughout my maternity leave. If I haven’t responded to your comment yet or DM I truly do apologize.

My inbox is completely full so it has been difficult to respond to everyone at once, which is why I made this post. I will do my best this week to respond everyone. Because of the tremendous amount of love and support I’ve received, I feel as though I owe it to you all to share my experience with the Covid-19 virus so this week I will make it my personal goal to make a video about the virus and post it to my YT channel. If you have a specific questions or concerns then leave me a comment and I will either respond below or respond in my next YT video. As front line workers we should be better compensated during this pandemic, and cared for much better than what we have been dealt. This virus has changed my life in more ways than just one and I’m going to tell my story so again thank you to my entire social media family especially those in the healthcare field.
Many of you understand what it’s like dealing with Covid-19 on a personal and medical level so.

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