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Popular Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has taken to her Instagram account to share a video of herself twerking up a storm on her husband.

Anita Joseph walked down the aisle with her husband, MC Fish on the 14th of February, 2020.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, she wrote:

“What is wrong with you two shaaaa… @realmcfish #MUMMY# This Video is for happy people 👋
If you want to preach try on your siblings inugoooooo ..
I and my Hubby na sooo we be🤣 ”

Watch the video below…

Speaking about who his wife is, MC Fish said;

“Yes, the only special woman in my life is Anita Joseph, she is a Nollywood actress,” he had quipped. Not many people would want to cast their hopes of a lifetime romance on an actress given their showy and unusual lifestyles but MC Fish must have seen something in the curvy actress to be considering having her for keeps. And when asked if he’s not afraid to settle down with an actress, the obviously besotted comedian shrugged his shoulder, wearing a glazed smile of a man who knows something others don’t.

“No, I’m not scared at all. I believe it’s not about what the person does, it’s who the person is. My woman fits all the criteria. I understand it’s her job, so whenever she is acting, or even doing lovemaking scene thing, I will just sit back and watch my baby girl do her thing because I know she is acting. It’s not the real thing, it’s her job, we are both entertainers and we have understanding. Anytime I watch her movies and she does the sexy things, I would say ‘babe you need to do that for me too, we should try it tonight” so it’s usually like that, that is how I’ve been able to cope, and we are both happy,”

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