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Popular Content Creator Mariam Bakre is a very happy and proud mum!.The new mum and her husband Femi Bakre, welcomed a beautiful girl! few days ago.

She has now taken to her Instagram page to pen down a sweet and heartwarming note to her baby girl, giving us more adorable photos of the bundle of joy and she’s so adorable.

She wrote:

After watching about a hundred birthing videos and using about 3 different birthing apps, none of it prepared me for your arrival. .
When the doctor put you on my chest, I knew right there and then that you have my heart forever.
Tbh, I’m looking for words to describe how you make me feel, but I can’t seem to get my self together. Your cry already makes me cry and your smile makes me laugh. You make dady blush so hard I can almost see his cheeks turn red (hard guy hard guy 😏🙄)

You came at such a different time for the word and made me realize the strengths I didn’t even know I had. Because of you, I’m now somebody’s mumy. 😭❤️❤️
I can’t wait for us to start matching outfits and for me to start saying stories of how my 6 months old baby told me ‘mummy you look tired, you should get some rest, and continue tomorrow 😂😂)
My darling child, May Almighty Allah protect you from the evil of what He has created, May you always be happy and be a source of happiness to everyone you come across. Been praying for you even before I met you, I’ll always pray for you. .
Your dad will most like be the cooler parent but I promise to love you with every I have!! You already make me want to do so much more! .
(Even typing this is already making me teary 😭😭 ) I bless the day you came into my life Faizah, my precious Fife ❤️ Thank you for choosing me. .
Like play like play, I’m somebody’s mum! You’ve made me realize that I can actually survive on 4 hours of sleep 😭😭
PS: I’m going to be the mum that screams her lungs out (saying that’s my girl) anytime you’re having a stage presentation at school 🤷🏻‍♀️
Thank you everyone for the love! God bless you!

See photos below:

Photo Credit: mory_coco

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