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Dr. Anu Felix, owner of Med Contour, a cosmetic surgery oufit, allegedly arrested and bullied Omotola Taiwo popularly known as @Omohtee12 on Twitter.

Omohtee is said to be the victim of a botched surgery by Dr. Anu, which almost cost Omohtee her life.

In April 2020, Dr. Anu in April was slammed by many Nigerians for performing a failed surgery on Omotola Taiwo popularly known as @Omohtee12 on Twitter. This led to the sealing of the clinic by Federal Competitive and Consumer Protective Commission (FCCPC)

Omohtee has now revealed that she was recently arrested by the Police Force on the instruction of Dr. Anu and was forced to sign an undertaking never to talk about her failed surgery courtesy Med Contour on social media. Dr. Anu is under censure for allegedly arresting a victim of a botched surgery, and intimidating her to sign an undertaking forbidding her from speaking about her failed surgery experience on social media.

According to a screenshot showing a chat with Omohtee, she revealed that she was arrested bu Dr. Anu of Med contour for dragging her on social media and was also bullied by the Police who made her sign an undertaking not to speak about her alleged experience with the “failed plastic surgery” on social media.

Omohtee wrote in the screenshot;

"I just got back from Police station. Anu accused me of conspiring with you to defame her. I have signed undertaking that I would not say anything about her on social media again, which I did not even do after my viral video. It was the new girl’s video that made her trend again. I collected mad insults and bullying today upon all my pictures I showed them and even letter from the hospital I am using cause I am still receiving treatment".

Many Nigerians have reacted to the news, calling out Dr. Anu for intimidation and incompetence.
See some reactions below;

So Dr Anu had mind to Arrest Omothee after almost ending her life? Forcing her to sign never to speak about the matter on Social Media again. The way power is abused in this country eh

Dr Anu has shamelessly coerced Omoh tee into silence. But she cant stop all of us. We will collectively continue to remind the public about your terrible botched surgeries. Dr Anu of Medcontour deserves to be in jail and has no right threatening the people she has damaged. – @Betty_Ekems

Dr anu arrests omothee. See eh, in Nigeria just have money and small connect, then your life is sorted. You can show small crase anytime you feel like and go scot free.

Omooooo so Dr Anu arrest omothee for surgery gone wrong…in this life as a Nigerian I want to teach you how to get away with crime.
1. Have money.
2. Have connections.
3. Have money again

I’m yet to understand why Dr Anu hasn’t been lifted by the law despite damaging lives daily, yet she goes about arresting her victims & making them sign an undertaking. Once you have connections in Nigeria, then you’re above the law.💔 This isn’t normal. Omohtee deserve better!

Dr Anu has a lot of guts. A lot!!!

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