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Social media sensation, Omohtee popularly known as @Omohtee12 on Twitter, is said to be the victim of a botched surgery by Dr. Anu, which almost cost Omohtee her life.

Dr. Anu Felix, owner of Med Contour, a cosmetic surgery oufit, was said to have allegedly arrested and bullied Omotola Taiwo.

Omohtee has refuted claims she arrested by the Police on the order of the doctor, as news made round yesterday. 

Which read

I just got back from Police station

Anu accused me of conspiring with you to defame her

I have signed undertaking that I won’t say anything about her on social media again. Which I didn’t even do after my viral video, it was the new girls video that’s made her trend again.

They dialed one man number on my phone saying toys the gist lover person thinking I have it saved

I collected mad insults and bullying today upon all my pictures I showed them and even letter from the hospital I’m using cause I’m still collecting treatment.

Taking to her Twitter page moments ago, Omohtee stated that she was never arrested by the Police, but was invited as investigation into the failed surgery is still ongoing. She wrote:This matter is currently the subject of a police investigation. As such I cannot speak about it. However, it is important to clarify that I was not arrested. I was invited by the police as part of their investigations into the matter.

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