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Nigerian Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has reacted to a cease and desist order from the lawyers of Frank Amudo, a former manager of singer D’banj.

Kemi Olunloyo in an exclusive interview with, said that she has not been personally served the cease and desist order from the lawyers of Frank Amudo, but only saw it on blogs. She said, 

“I haven’t heard of it. I woke up this morning and some blogs were trending it that I got a cease and desist order and that I’m being sued for N200 million. What do I have to say to that? You don’t put a cease and desist on an investigative journalist. I’m just doing my work. We got a cease and desist order from Ruggedman during Naira Marley’s case, it didn’t work. I called that lawyer, I said “you are an idiot. You are putting a cease and desist order out on blogs, you have not even served me. Do you know how the court process works?”. I recorded that lawyer and I disgraced him. That’s how the cease and desist order ended and that’s how this one is going to end. Frank Amudo’s lawyer should not place a cease and desist order on me, I’m an investigative journalist trained in the United States who also practised in Canada. I’ve been a journalist since 1994. Frank Amudo is very stupid. You do not provoke an investigative journalist. I have more stuff on Frank that I’m going to release on Twitter. I have a can of worms on him and I’m releasing it very soon. I will expose it to the media and in the courtroom. I’m not going to cease and desist. I’m going to continue the investigation and nobody is paying me for it.

She also said, “Why haven’t they served me these papers? They can’t say they don’t know where I am. They don’t need to know my location because such can easily be sent to me through direct message on social media or emailed to my publicist”.
Kemi Olunloyo said she decided to take up the investigation into the rape allegation against D’banj, because it can only be done by independent journalists. She also revealed that she just got off the phone with D’banj who attested to all she revealed in her investigation on the rape allegation against him. Kemi told him that she got her information from the lady who has been tweeting with the Twitter handle of his rape accuser, Seyitan. Kemi said,

“The girl contacted me yesterday saying “I’m very sorry. I’m the one that has been tweeting for Frank. He organized that we should tweet for Seyitan”. She said she got threatened to do the job and also got paid. When they started playing rubbish games with her, she decided to start using Seyitan’s handle to tweet in support of D’banj. She said she tweeted D’banj’s song in order to hurt Frank. At that point, I asked her “do you realize what you did was wrong because you gave D’banj and Seyitan’s side an impression that D’banj had kidnapped Seyitan and his people had hacked her account to promote his music, meanwhile you were the one that was doing it?”. She became afraid and begged me not to reveal her identity”,

Kemi Olunloyo then read the message the lady sent to her which revealed that Frank is only trying to extort money from D’banj and that Seyitan is his ex-girlfriend.

“Even Seyitan’s mum wanted to go and beg D’banj last week. She asked for D’banj’s mum but was denied access. D’banj didn’t rape Seyitan. I’ll like if you don’t expose my identity”, the message read in part.

Kemi Olunloyo then asked why one of the tweets on Seyitan’s handle reads that she’s putting everything behind her and moving on. In response, the lady said Seyitan told her to publish the tweet because she was becoming scared and wanted to come out of what Frank put her into.

Kemi Olunloyo also talked about Fatoyinbo's case and related it to D'banj's allegation.

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