Golden Penny Wants You to WIN N1M Worth of Prizes & Cash

Ghanaian  socialite and slay queen, Mona Gucci while speaking to Ola Micheal weeks back, on Neat FM named some female celebrities as gold diggers and Yvonne Nelson was mentioned. She classified the actress as a slay queen who ‘whores for living.’ Mona Gucci doesn’t seem to be backing down, as she threatened to expose Yvonne Nelson, after the actress requested an apology from the Ghanaian slay queen.

Reacting to the interview, Yvonne Nelson demanded an apology from Neat FM and Mona Gucci. The actress noted that failure to apologize will attract severe consequences. She had written;

“My lawyers wrote to NEAT FM and MONA GUCCI concerning some defaming statements made about me on their platform, we asked they quickly retract their statements/ issue an apology. NEAT FM just did, Lawyers will pursue MONA GUCCI’s .

The Media (who the cap fits) finds it difficult to promote my works, but easily entertain tarnishing my image. Let this be a little reminder, any media house who drags the YN brand again into negativity will not be given the chance to apologize at all. Thanks.”

See the letter from Yvonne Nelson’s lawyer below:
Neat FM has apologised to Yvonne Nelson over the defamatory comments on its platform by one Mona Gucci, though the Ghanaian socialite is still holding her ground.
Mona Gucci rubbished Yvonne’s call using the ‘f’ word to tell her to shut up or better still run to court because she is never going to apologize to her, she also tagged the apology request the “joke of the century.” She added that she knows Yvonne Nelson so well from her primary and JSS days to even her first audition, therefore, if she is not careful she’ll rather undress her with her history.

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