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 Popular Nigerian activist and author, Reno Omokri, has called out ladies who engage in transactional relationship with their boyfriend, saying they only have a customer and not a boyfriend.

He shared his thought on the injustice ladies practice in their relationships.

If your relationship with him is transactional, he’s your customer not boyfriend – Omokri

According to him, If your relationship with your partner is about exchanges of money, then he should be considered a customer.

“Dear ladies,

On your birthday, your boyfriend threw a party for you. On his birthday, you expect him to take you out for a romantic dinner. Yet, you blame Donald Trump for all the injustice on planet Earth. Are you yourself practicing justice in your relationships? In fact, if your relationship is based on you pestering him for money, and him pestering you for coitus, what you have is a commercial transaction, not a relationship. Don’t refer to him as your boyfriend. He is your customer
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