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Nigerian singer, Hadiza Blell popularly known as Di’ja urges parents to allow girls grow up before they get married.

She took to her Twitter page and wrote that if people really mean well for the young girl, they should allow her to at least clock 18 years of age before engaging her in grown woman things.

The beautiful mother of three also drew awareness to Obstetric fistula, which is an abnormal connection between the rectum and the vagina, and is very high in young girls who married early, she wrote;

“Our young girls need to be allowed to grow up before doing grown man and women things like marriage and anything to do with sexual reproduction. If you really mean well you will at least give her until 18 years old, while honestly guiding her spirit. Not every one means well.

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT OBSTETRIC FISTULA? Very high in young girls early marriages whose reproductive systems have not fully developed. Ya Allah we ask you for guidance. Our children cannot keep going through pain because of lack of understanding.”

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