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Sensational singer, Seyi Shay has revealed that she will be cool with her husband having extramarital affairs. She made this known during Simi’s show titled Stoopid Sessions on YouTube alongside Seun Kuti and Cool FM OAP Temi B.


While discussing whether monogamy is still possible in today’s marriage, all the guests agreed that monogamy is becoming outdated and couples now have extramarital affairs. They pointed out that as long as the partners are sincere and open about it, then they will be able to survive a marriage that is not 100% monogamous.


Speaking, Seyi Shay revealed that she intends to be 100% faithful in her marriage, adding that she will be fine with her husband having ‘side chicks’ as long as he is open about it from the start. She said;

The thing is, I also want my woman to be a complete human being. People mistake that and think it is only men that are allowed to cheat. What is this thing with women trying to say to themselves, ‘oh, I can’t cheat.’ It’s society… In society in general, women believe that in marriage, the onus is on them to be faithful. Men can do what they do, as long as they don’t catch them, you know, boys will be boys, and I feel like it’s society that has told women that they can’t be human.”

“I know a lot of women will try and bash me for it but I will actually be cool with my man having chicks.

“As long as they’re chicks, and not one. Because if he has one chick on the side, then it’s more likely that he’s gonna fall in love with that one chick but if he’s got like chicks outside and he’s doing his thing but I’m number one clearly in every way…


Among the four people present at the Stoopid Sessions, only Simi insisted that monogamy is possible and she visibly looked shocked when Seyi and TaymiB agreed that they are fine with extramarital affairs in their marriages.

Watch video below:

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