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Jessica White has broken her silence on rumours that she came between actor Nick Cannon and Britney Bell who is expecting a baby for him.

Shortly after Britney Bell announced she’s expecting a baby for Nick Cannon, Jessica White shared a picture with the actor and announced him as her man.


Many kicked against as they felt she was coming in between Nick Cannon and Britney Bell.

In her reaction to comments, she shared a post revealing that she and the actor have always been and that Britney Bell conceived for him while they broke up. As she wrote;

Nick and I have been together off and on for years. Their new child was conceived when we had temporarily broken up. Any child is a blessing. This is the last time I will answer these questions . I am no home wrecker at all . Nick was a free man at that time and can be with whoever he so chooses and for years that person has always been me.

“That is between him and Britney I support him through thick and thin as he does the same for me . Have a blessed day . I hope this clears up people’s misconceptions as I am being honest about this situation which is delicate and complicated .

“With that it’s my hope to stop having to answer this nonsense and focus on the important things in life . Long life health healing spirituality and the current climate in the world as it pertains to us all . The whole world is suffering at this time I would hope to see more positivity than negativity god bless you all

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