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Popular Nigerian author, publisher and founder of Genevieve magazine, Betty Irabor has shared on her Twitter an encouragement to everyone and anyone battling depression.

Depression is a real illness and it is necessary that we guard our mental health.

According to the her, she has been able to conquer and have scaled through for like 5 years now. She revealed that she wrote a book on what she went through during the 8 years of being depressed. She’s considered a survivor today.

She recalled being hounded until she was ashamed to go out because many thought she was on a death diet. She also disclosed that she was called “anorexic and snobbish” because she lost the ability to socialize thereafter.

She tweeted:
When I was battling depression & lost weight, many thought I was on a death diet & hounded me till I was ashamed to go out. A News Daily called me Anorexic. I got labelled “Snobbish” cos I lost every ability to socialize….Hmm Things are never what they seem. Let’s be guided. 
My battle with depression lasted 8 years. I have been out of that dark hole for some 5 years now & I wrote a book on my experience. I am fantastic thanks to my family especially hubby, God & my therapists. There's a lot of self effort required on the journey to recovery. ❤
— Betty Irabor (@BettyIrabor) September 1, 2020

You too can win!

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