Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Ibinabo Fiberesima is 50 and fabulous!!

She’s now a 50-year-old-woman with a lovely body, hair, skin, fashion and career goals.
With me I believe God has penned a masterpiece
For just as my victories to many bring peace

My pains for many does inspire
My personal challenges moving me a hundred feet higher

But through it all God’s hand has never left me, even now, from the darkest dungeons, through the crucibles and the perilous toss of the raging tempest, He has stood me on my feet for 50 seasons. And by His grace I shall stand for much more.
She also shared another video of herself with the caption:
In 50 years I have discovered inalienable truths.

It is inconsequential what people think of me,

It is irrelevant how everyone perceives me,
I rather believe THE BEAUTY GOD SEES IN ME! 
It doesn’t matter what the world calls me,
But it means the world THAT GOD CALLS ME HIS FRIEND.

 Check out the fabulous 50

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