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Minister of Police Affairs, Mohammed Dingyadi has debunked the ruthless use of Force by the Nigeria Police at the #Occupylekki protesters, he claims ‘minimum force’ was used on the arrested protesters

While speaking in an interview, Mohammed said that what the Police did to the protesters was the right thing to do.

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He said:
“This is the kind of thing that we want to take place in any situation that we find ourselves. Like what you saw in Lekki, this is how it is supposed to be, they were fully equipped, well-uniformed, and they were ready for the #EndSARS protesters. That was why we were able to contain the situation.”
He added:
“Minimum ForceForce was used. People always say that the police use force, but you forget the fact that for you to ask somebody to please move this side, please be orderly, you have to use some level of ForceForce, you have to use some minimum level of ForceForce to ensure that people comply with what you are saying. I’m not talking about shooting; I’m not talking about teargas; you have seen some people ask some people to go into (Black) Maria.”
He was further asked why the Police arrested passers by who claimed they were not part of the protest, He said;
“How will the Police arrest you if you are not part of a situation? How will they see you arrest you? If you are not in Lekki, why will they arrest you? They cannot pursue people on the street to arrest them.”

“Lekki is not a place for protest; there are specific areas that are assigned or designated as areas for protests. We agreed that protests should be conducted when the need arises, but we cannot be protesting everywhere at all times. We have to have specific locations where these protests are conducted, and they have to be orderly, they have to be reasonable, and they have to be with the level of minimum sense of nationality so that we don’t just allow every protest to take place without no course,” 

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