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Okra is one of the common types of vegetables used in the preparation of okra soup. Some people are also fond of drying okra and using it for other purposes. But despite the fact that it is a widely eaten type of vegetable, a lot of people don't know what they gain by consuming okra.

This is why I have prepared this article to tell you 5 things that happen to your body when you eat okra.

1. It contains beneficial Antioxidants which empowers the body immunity

Eating okra is one effective way of getting antioxidants into the body system. Okra has been proven to be a great source of antioxidants to the body. This helps in reducing the risk of a lot of diseases as well as prevents inflammation in the body.

Most importantly, okra contains polyphenols which are very necessary for the brain and heart health as well as overall well beings of the entire body.

2. May reduce heart diseases risk

One of the major things that has been proven to cause several heart diseases are high level of Inflammation in the body. Animal studies prove that okra helps in reducing Inflammation of the body.

It is also proven that consuming okra could help lower blood cholesterol levels and generally boost heart health.

3. May have some anti cancer properties

Although there are still some contradicting studies that say otherwise, some important studies prove that okra could have some anti cancer properties which generally helps in preventing cancer from developing in the first place.

Inflammation is also another thing that lead to some types of cancer and okra helps in reducing inflammation of the body.

4. May lower blood sugar levels

Eating okra has also been found it help in maintaining blood sugar levels. In some countries, it is generally used to treat people with Diabetes. Although more research needs to be made on this study.

5. It is good for pregnant women

Okra has been found to be a good food for pregnant women. This is because it provides the body with the necessary folate intake which is good for pregnant women.

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