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A Twitter user by the username @DR.PENKING made a post that got Twitter Users reacting.

According to him, An cesarean operation was ongoing on a woman, and the Obstetrician sighted a bead on her waist. He ordered for it to be cut off. The Health attendant cut it off and the supposed husband abandoned the woman and her baby at the hospital with the claims that He has never been married all his life. It was discovered that the bead was a charm the wife used to hold her husband down in the marriage. 

The tweet read Below

"Obstetrician saw waist bead on the waist of a patient on OP table for CS and asked the Health attendant to cut it. The husband's eyes were clear. The man left her and the new baby in the hospital and said he had never been married all his life. Apparently, The waist bead was Kayamata. Why do women do this?"

Lots of users had something to say about this. While some recounted similar incidents that had happened, Others aired their view on the doctor's story.

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