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While mourning the deceased DJ Twitch who committed suicide, Actor Kunle Remi revealed that he also battled depression.

Twitch passed away after he committed suicide on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at a motel in the Encino area of Los Angeles.

According to him It took God’s grace to scale through.

Speaking in a short video clip on Instagram, Kunle Remi said:

We never really look fine as we are, speaking as men, we go through a lot. 2017 was tough for me, I was overwhelmed, growing through a lot, and so many thoughts in my mind, and at a point, I couldn’t take it, I was close to committing suicide.

It took God’s grace to scale through….I used to bottle up stuff but now I have learned to share and talk to someone….life is beautiful but we need to always choose a balance between happiness and sadness, let’s do better.

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